Licensing Policy

All digitized designs at are the property of zeedigitizing.

Machine embroidery designs can be stitched onto anything you wish. You can sell all the embroidered items you make with the designs. There’s no limit to how many times you can stitch and sell your stuff with zeedigitizing designs.

The digital files/downloads can’t be shared, sold, swapped, traded, bartered, given away, or shared in any manner. If others admire your embroidered items, share a link to our site so they can become zeedigitizing members’ too.

There are no restrictions to editing. You may edit a design (resize, combine designs, add text, etc.) but the edited design remains the property of zeedigitizing and is subject to this licensing policy.

When using the designs for crafts other than embroidery, you’re welcome to make items for personal use, and gifts for family and friends. No sales, please.